Guidelines for the abstract submission

  • Your submission should be written in English.
  • Your abstract should not contain more than 2500 letters (including spaces).
  • You can upload up to two figures/images to your abstract.
  • Please add three to five keywords to your abstract.


Proceedings (preliminary information)

After acceptance of your contribution and your participation at the conference you will have the possibility to submit an original paper (4 pages) for publication in a special issue of the journal “Surface and Interface Analysis” (Wiley).

The Deadline for submission is October 4th, 2019.

Please click here for the step-by-step guide to submitting your paper.  



  • MAT - Materials science and engineering
    • MAT/MET - metals
    • MAT/CER - ceramics
    • MAT/GLA - glass
    • MAT/POL - polymer
  • ELE - Silicon-based and organic electronics
  • BIO - Life science aund bio-technology
  • ENE - Renewable energy - storage and conversion
  • COR - Corrosion and tribology
  • DPR - Thin films and depth-profiling
  • DAT - Data analysis and metrology
  • NAP - In-situ and near-ambient pressure analysis
  • IMA - Nano materials and imaging
  • CAT - Surface functionalization and catalysis
  • HER - Heritage and geology
  • ENV - Environment
  • TEC - Technical Development




You can review the conference with some pictures here.

Program Download

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