Prof. Aleksander Jablonski (Vita)
Institute of Physical Chemistry
Polish Academy of Sciences
Warsaw, Poland

The ECASIA Award honours the outstanding scientific achievements of a personality within the field of Surface and Interface Analysis.The achievement is either a result of recent work or a life-time engagement both with extraordinary impact on the community.

Professor Jablonski will receive the ECASIA Award during the ECASIA Conference and will be invited to present the “ECASIA Award lecture”.



The publisher of the Journal “Surface and Interface Analysis” (SIA) is sponsoring the “Surface and Interface Analysis – Poster Award” with 1000 Euro and one year complimentary subscription of SIA. For 2019 the Local Organizing Committee decided to split this prize to 3 winners. An independent jury will judge the posters during the conference and will propose the 3 best posters.

Members of the “Wiley Poster Award Committee”

Uwe Vogel      Dresden (coordinator)
David Castner   Seattle
Vincent Fernandez   Nantes
Dan Hodoroaba   Berlin
Janez Kovac   Ljubljana
Madeleine Ramstedt   Umea
Miklos Mohai   Budapest
Dietmar Leinen   Malaga
Olivier Renault   Grenoble



ECASIA Student Travel Grant

The International Steering Committee has selected 2019 the following winners of the ECASIA Students Travel Grant:

Clayton Bevas Guilford
Maiglid Andreina Moreno Villavicencio Grenoble
Anja Müller Berlin
Sven Pletincx Brussels
Adel Racz Budapest





You can review the conference with some pictures here.

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