The poster boards will have a single surface measuring 2 m x 1,3 m (6,56 ft x 4,26 ft) for two posters. They will accommodate two A0 or ARCH sized poster.

The sessions will take place on Tuesday and Thursday between 17:40 and 19:30 in Hall 2.

Poster Exhibition 1:
Monday, 16. Sep. 2019  13:30 – 17:40
Tuesday, 17. Sep. 2019  08:30 – 17:40

Poster Session 1:

Tuesday, 17. Sep. 2019  17:40– 19:30

Poster Exhibition 2:
Wednesday, 18. Sep. 2019, 08:30 – 13:30
Thursday, 19. Sep. 2019, 08:30 – 17:40

Poster Session 2:

Thursday, 19. Sep. 2019 17:40 – 19:30

Posters should be placed during the exhibition time, manned during the session and taken down at the end of the session. Any posters not removed by 20:00 after the poster session will be removed by staff and discarded.

Authors are reminded that no contributions are accepted for publication only. The Local Organizing Committee reserves the right to refuse papers for publication that have not been properly presented or staffed in the poster sessions. Manuscripts of contributions to the proceedings (or enlargements of them) are not considered to be posters, and papers presented in this way will not be accepted for publication.

The suggested usage is the display of an A0/ARCH E page in Portrait orientation on the boards.
Note: You have to avoid LANDSCAPE orientation for A0 and ARCH E formats!

ECASIA 2019 poster wall example



You can review the conference with some pictures here.

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